About Delve Into History

Delve Into History provides fun, educational, time efficient and cost effective workshops.
As the emphasis is on learning, Delve into History does not come armed with costumes for every child, or a character from history delivering the workshop.



Not having costume for every child keeps the cost of workshops down, as maintenance of costume is very expensive.
Putting costume on every child can be time consuming, and lose valuable teaching time.

However, Delve into History recognises the importance costume has. In most workshops, only two or three children are selected to put costume on. By dressing a child in front of a class, pupils can learn more and have fun watching the process!

We want costume to encourage questioning such as:

  • HOW was it made?
  • WHO made it?
  • WHO would have worn it?
  • DID it show importance in society?
  • WHAT material would have been used to make it?
  • WHERE did the material come from?  


Delivering workshops out of role allows for the facilitator to talk about modern life and make comparisons with the past. Being in role with younger children can be intimidating, and Delve into History strives to ensure enjoyment, and full involvement.
Delve into History has specifically chosen artefacts for examination and study.

We want artefacts to encourage discussion, and provoke questions such as:

  • WHO used the artefact?
  • WHAT is it called?
  • WHO made it?
  • WHAT was it used for?
  • WHY was it used?
  • WHERE does it come from?
  • WHAT is it made from?

All workshops are lead by a teacher with many years classroom and workshop experience.  This ensures that the workshop leader will have good classroom management skills and can cater for all needs and ages of children.

Why pay for expensive coach trips, insurance cover and site entrance fees when a complete history service can be provided within your school?

No need for extra staff or parent helpers. No out of hours time lost on risk assessments and travel arrangements.