Key Stage One

Seaside Holidays in The Past

Follow the story of Victorian lady Lillie on holiday in Blackpool.
Handle Artifacts amd look at costume. read more

Mystery Box

Become a time detective and invesgtigate artefacts from Victorian times to learn about houses in the past. read more

Victorian Washdays

Have a go at household chores from the past. How did people wash their clothes and keep their house clean. read more

Victorian School Days

Experience what it would be like at school through role play. Use slate boards and explore Victorian Punishments. read more

Toys and Games from the Past

Look at wooden toys and explore how clockwork toys work. Play with old fashioned toys and games. read more

Evacuee Case

The story of Alice, a wartime evacuee. How did she cope with air raids and deal with being sent to the countryside? read more

Florence Nightingale

Explore the life of Florence Nightingale.

Handle artefacts and look at costume.

The workshop will focus on

. The early life of Florence Nightingale and why she became a nurse.

. How Florence Nightingale helped to change the conditions in Scutari hospital.

. How nurses helped the sick and wounded during the Crimean War.

. What medical supplies were available to doctors during the Crimean War.