Key Stage Two

Ancient Egyptians

Investigate artefacts to learn about life in Ancient Egyptian times. Help to mummify someone and look at costume. read more

Ancient Greeks

Investigate armour and compare Athenian and Spartan life through handling and sketching artefacts. Play and ancient Greek game. read more


Investigate armour, learn about battle tactics and everyday life by handling and sketching artefacts. Play a popular Roman game. read more

Anglo Saxons

Explore the Saxon world by loooking at costume. Handle and sketch artefacts and have a go at  writing a Saxon riddle. read more


Investigate artefacts and costume to learn about life in Viking times. Play a Viking game. read more

Tudors - Rich and Poor

Investigate artefacts to learn about Tudor life. Look at costume and learn the differences between rich and poor. Have a go at writing with a quill pen. read more

Tudors - Entertainment

Take part in Tudor dancing. Play some tudor games. read more

Victorian Schoolroom

Experience Victorian school times through role play. Use dip pens and slate boards, Learn about Victorian punishments. read more

Victorian Home Life

Learn about the life of a poor family through photographs and artefacts. Try rag rugging and making victorian toilet paper! read more

WW2 - The Home Front

Experience life as a child during Wartime Britain, through role play. Investigate artefacts and have a go at salvaging. read more

History Detectives

Take on the role of a museum coIlections manager, and investigate a range of artefacts. Learn about how records are kept, and what we can learn about artefacts through careful examination. Have a go at detailed observational drawing. 

This workshop is suitable for a class studying Victorians, but if you wish to focus on investigative skills, a range of artefacts from Roman to WW2 may be booked. more